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The XYNYTH MOUNTAINEER 75™ Spreader is an extra heavy duty industrial grade commercial Icemelt Spreader designed to work in even the toughest winter conditions. This spreader will outlast and out-perform conventional spreaders many times over. The most effective and efficient way to spread any icemelter is with the use of an industrial grade spreader like this.

Mountaineer 75™ Spreader features:

Large Hopper Capacity - 75 LBS (34 KG) of Icemelter

This large capacity hopper is perfect for spreading icemelter over a large area without having to re-fill. One full hopper of icemelter can be spread over approx. 3726 square yards. (3115.4 square meters) 

Industrial Heavy Duty Spreader Components

The Mountaineer 75™ is made of very heavy duty steel that has been treated with an oven baked-on power coating, making it more rust resistant. It is designed to last for many winter seasons of heavy duty use.

Extra Grip Winter Tires

The Mountaineer 75™ has been equipped with extra large, (3" wide x 12" dia.) fully pneumatic winter tires. These 2-ply winter tires provide that extra grip needed when using it on ice, making the job of spreading icemelter all that easier.

Icemelter flow control

The Mountaineer 75™ comes complete with a calibrated icemelter flow control mechanism, giving the user complete control over the amount of icemelter spread. This control is fabricated from stainless steel to provide years of care-free use, with a lever being located near the top of the handle. The user can change the flow at any time, including shutting the flow off completely at the end of the spreading process.

Neoprene Handle Grip

The spreader comes with a specially fitted Neoprene Handle Grip making the spreading experience much nicer for the user. It insulates the user from the cold steel.

Hopper Screen

The Mountaineer 75™ is also equipped with a hopper screen to prevent the user from pouring in "clumped" icemelter that may block or damage the moving parts of the spreader.

Easy to Assemble

The Mountaineer 75™ is packaged in 10 parts that are very easy to assemble.  Each spreader comes with a Users Manual / Operation Guide, containing step-by-step assembly instructions along with how to use the spreader.

Item # Product Size Units/Pallet Unit Weight Pallet Weight UPC
900-97000 75 lb capacity 20 Boxes 26 lb 600 lb 7-77411-97000-9