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A strong rugged plastic icemelt storage bin to keep
your icemelter stored outside and ready to use in
convenient places, such as the end of walkways or
beside buildings. It stores approx. 1,000 lbs of icemelt.

Icemelt Storage Bin features:

Now you can store your icemelt outside, safely and securely in a convenient location. Keep your icemelt where you need it most.

Now there is no need to be running back and forth to your icemelt storage shed.

The XYNYTH Icemelt Storage Bin is great for those with large properties that require satellite storage of their icemelter away from their main buildings. It is secure and lockable, so it can be placed on the corner of parking lots, or at the end of long walkways – anywhere you need quick and easy access to your icemelter. Keeping your icemelter close at hand is now easier than ever.

Holds up to 1,000 LBS (454 KGS) of Ice Melt

The XYNYTH Icemelt Storage Bin has a very large capacity. It will store up to 1,000 LBS, (454 KGS) of ice melt securely with easy access. It can easily be re-filled with smaller bag sized product or from bulk containers.

Capacity 12 cubic feet (340 liters)

The XYNYTH Icemelt Storage Bin has the capacity to hold up to 12 cubic feet (340 liters) of product. The outside dimensions of the bin are: 48”W x 29”H x 30”D (122cm x 73.7cm x 76.2cm)

Heavy Duty – ¼” (6.35 mm) thick Wall

The XYNYTH Icemelt Storage Bin is built to last for years. It is made from heavy duty polyethylene plastic. The walls of this storage container are ¼” (6.35 mm) thick and have been structurally engineered to hold heavy icemelt product.

Strong Hinged double walled Lid

The XYNYTH Icemelt Storage Bin comes with a double walled hinged lid. The 11 knuckle hinges have a nylon pin making the opening and closing of the lid smooth, rust resistant and long lasting.

Recessed Side Handles

To make handling of the XYNYTH Icemelt Storage Bin easy, it has two recessed side handles. These make handling the empty bin very easy. It can be lifted empty by one person. The weight of the empty bin is 53 LBS (24 KGS)

Forklift access – Front & Rear

Should one need to move the XYNYTH Icemelt Storage Bin when it is full of icemelt, it can be easily lifted by a regular fork lift. It has forklift access both in the front and rear of the bin.

Secure Lockable Clasp

There is no need to worry about anyone helping themselves to your icemelter product. The XYNYTH Icemelt Storage Bin comes with a secure, lockable clasp so that you can easily lock up the bin when you are not around.

Weather Resistant – UV treated PE

The XYNYTH Icemelt Storage Bin has been designed to be kept outside. It is designed to last by being built from UV treated heavy duty polyethylene plastic.


Item # Product Size Units/Pallet Unit Weight Pallet Weight UPC
900-91000 12 cubic ft storage bin 9 53 LBS 500 LBS 7-77411-91000-5
(Minimum Order 1 unit)