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Become a XYNYTH Distributor

Are you looking to resell / distribute XYNYTH products?

XYNYTH Manufacturing Corp. distributes its product lines through a vast network of commercial and retail distributors across North America, some of which have been promoting our products for over 25 + years. When asked, there would be a number of reasons why our customers chose XYNYTH as their vendor of choice, but the most prominent would be the sales support and customer service they enjoy.

XYNYTH works hard to ensure the success of their customers. We are involved in every step of our product’s life cycle, from the point we manufacturer it, to its distribution and re-sale, and even to its ultimate end use. A comment often heard is “we make it easy to do business with and our products sell so well.


XYNYTH’s success has been built on helping its customers grow their own businesses, not only with our high quality products, but also with everything from training, sales support, sales aids, POS materials, and numerous other support programs.

If you would like to get involved and include XYNYTH products in your current line-up, please complete this customer application form below, sign and fax it back to our office. (Fax: 604-473-9399) or email us at sales@xynyth.com and someone will follow-up with you. We thank you for your interest in our company and products.

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