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Icemelter & Concrete
Icemelter and new concrete (12 months old!)
- Is Icemelter safe to apply on new concrete?

A question we frequently get is “if Icemelter is safe to apply on new concrete?” The answer is no, as newly poured concrete needs time to cure and settle. The application of icemelter on concrete less than 12 months old may weaken the concrete structure making it more susceptible to damage in the future.

Ice melters and Concrete
- the basics, what everyone should know.

Winter brings some unique challenges, among them is the risk of damage to your concrete. Understanding the types of damage that can occur and how to prevent them is something every property owner should know. This bulletin will give you some basic guidelines and understanding around winter concrete issues.

Concrete Slab Surface Defects
- causes, prevention, repair

Everybody wants perfect long lasting concrete surfaces, so having a better understanding of strength and weakness of concrete is a great place to start. This article from the Portland Cement Association, one of the leading concrete authorities, will walk the reader through each surface defect and discuss in detail, its cause, its prevention and how to repair the defect.

The Case Against Magnesium Chloride
- It is deadly on your concrete. Why take the risk?

The use of Magnesium Chloride, also sometimes referred to as MAG, as an ice melter to melt the ice on concrete sidewalks, driveways or roads can be deadly. Why take the risk? There is much scientific information and evidence on the concrete damaging effects of magnesium chloride.