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Arctic HEATX RoofTabs ™

Arctic HEATX RoofTabs ™ use the power of HEAT to keep you and other safe from falling ice. It quickly melts the ice preventing ice dams and clearing drains, avoiding costly damage and repairs.


  • Effective to -31°C (-25°F)
  • Generates Heat on contact
  • Easy to Use
  • Prevents Damages and Repairs
  • Perfect for those hard to reach areas



Effective to -31°C (-25°F) )

Use before & after storm
For Roofs
For Gutters



4.5 KG (10 LB) Tablet

Effective to -31°C (-25°F)

Arctic HEATX RoofTabs™ are powerful enough to effectively melt ice in some of the harshest winter conditions down to temperatures as low as -31°C (-25°F).

Generates Heat on Contact

Arctic HEATX RoofTabs™ are made from concentrated Calcium Chloride Dihydrate and generate heat immediately upon contact with the ice. Arctic HEATX is more robust and effective than many other ice melters on the market today.

Keeps you Safe

Arctic HEATX RoofTabs™ , are great for melting and eliminating ice dams on your roof. If left unattended, these ice dam and icycles can easily fall from your roof injuring you or others. Stay safe with Arctic HEATX.

Prevents Damages and Repairs

Arctic HEATX RoofTabs™ saves time and money from dealing with the damage and/or repair needed, caused by formation of ice dams, icycles, or ice & snow buildup on your roof and gutters.

Perfect for those hard to reach areas

Arctic HEATX RoofTabs™ are designed for ease of use by simply placing, or safely tossing, them on to hard to reach placessuch as your roof, gutters, drains, or balconies where there is an accumulation of ice and snow.


Item# Product Size  Units/Case  Case/Pallet  Case Weight  Pallet Weight  UPC
200-91000 10LB Box (48 RoofTabs) 4 Boxes 24 Cases 50LB 1105LB 7-77411-91000-5

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